MCSE Windows 2000
Network Infrastructure

An Intensive Test-Prep Course for Microsoft Exam #70-216.
Course developer: Glenn Weadock, author of
MCSE Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure For Dummies

For those seeking to gain the coveted Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) or Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) qualifications, this convenient 2-day course is hands-on (one PC per student) and covers all published exam objectives. Tuition includes workbook and CD.

1. The Network Infrastructure Implementation Test

A. The Test's Role in Certification
B. About the Exam: Procedure, Style, Substance

2. Exam Prep Roadmap: Windows 2000 Basics

A. Climbing the Windows Family Tree
B. What's New about Windows 2000?
C. Understanding the Windows 2000 Architecture

3. Installing & Configuring TCP/IP and NWLink

A. Network Architecture
C. NWLink
D. TCP/IP Basics
E. Installing & Configuring TCP/IP
F. Secondary Network Protocols
G. Legally Binding
H. Big Network Brother

4. Domain Name System (DNS)

A. The DNA of DNS
B. Installing the DNS Server Service
C. Configuring the DNS Server Service
D. Configuring DNS Clients
Managing & Monitoring DNS

5. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

A. The Role of DHCP
B. Installing DHCP at the Server
C. Configuring DHCP
D. Testing, Monitoring, & Managing DHCP

6. Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)

A. The Role of WINS
B. How WINS Works
C. Installing & Activating WINS
D. Configuring WINS
E. Managing & Monitoring WINS

7. Configuring & Supporting Remote Access

A. Remote Access Basics
B. Network & Dial-Up Connections
C. Routing & Remote Access (RRAS)
D. Virtual Private Networking
E. Monitoring RRAS

8. Setting up Windows 2000 as a Router

A. IP Routing Basics
B. Installing RRAS Routing
C. Configuring a Windows 2000 Router
D. Managing Routers

9. Configuring the LAN for Internet Access

A. Connection Sharing Concepts
B. Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
C. Network Address Translation (NAT)

10. IPSec & Packet Filters

A. Network Security Overview
B. Packet Filters
C. IPSec

11. Certificates

A. Certificates Overview
B. Installing Certificate Services
C. Issuing & Revoking Certificates
D. Managing a Certificate Server
E. EFS, Certificates, & Recovery

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