Learning Dreamweaver 4

A 2- or 3-day intensive course that teaches the full
range of Dreamweaver's Web design capabilities.
Course developer: Glenn Weadock,
author of Look & Learn Dreamweaver 4

Macromedia Dreamweaver is the fastest-growing Web design program around. Its role in life is to help designers create Web pages, and whole Web sites, from text, graphics, and multimedia source material. In its fourth generation, the program's design is mature and sophisticated, but many of its features require study and exploration. This intensive two-day, hands-on course presumes a basic familiarity with Windows but no prior knowledge of Dreamweaver or HTML.

1. Get to Know Dreamweaver

A. The Dreamweaver Desktop, Windows
B. The Dreamweaver Desktop, Macintosh
C. Mouse & Cursor
D. Common Mouse Operations
E. The Document Window
F. The Objects Panel
G. Reference Guides
H. Menus & Commands
I. Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows
J. Keyboard Shortcuts, Macintosh
K. Dialog Boxes
L. Property Inspectors
M. Panels
N. The Main Toolbar
O. The Launcher
P. The Status Bar
Q. Dreamweaver Help

2. Build & Edit HTML

A. The Link Property Inspector
B. Code, Design, & split views
C. The Code Inspector
D. Code view Options
E. Major HTML Tags
F. Edit Menu Commands
G. The Quick Tag Editor
H. Modify A Single Tag
I. The Modify Page Properties Command
J. Viewing Head Content
K. The View Invisible Elements Command
L. Clean Up HTML
M. Clean Up Word HTML

3. Create & Edit Text

A. Insert & Place Text
B. Tables Versus Layers for Placement
C. The Text Property Inspector
D. HTML Styles Versus CSS Styles
E. The Paragraph Format Commands
F. The List Commands
G. Edit & Format Text
H. The HTML Styles Panel
I. Find & Replace Text
J. Check Spelling
K. Insert Flash Text

4. Add & Edit Graphics

A. Image Insertion Methods
B. Place An Inline Image
C. Place A Floating Image
D. The Image Property Inspector
E. Image Formats
F. Web-Safe Colors
G. Create An Image Link
H. Create An Image Map
I. Client-Side Versus Server-Side Maps
J. Make a Navigation Bar
K. Edit & Update A Placed Image
L. Insert Fireworks HTML
M. Optimize Graphics With Fireworks
N. The Create Web Photo Album Command
O. Fireworks Versus Photoshop

5. Design Tables

A. Layout View
B. The Table Property Inspector, Standard View
C. The Table Property Inspector, Layout View
D. The Cell Property Inspectors
E. The Row & Column Property Inspectors
F. Cut, Copy, & Paste Cells
G. The Format Table Command
H. Build A Table In Layout View
I. Build A Table In Standard View
J. Sort Table Data
K. Export Data To Other Programs

6. Assemble Forms

A. The Insert Form Objects Command
B. Text Object Inspectors
C. Radio Button & Check box Inspectors
D. Button & Image Field Inspectors
E. Menu & List Inspectors
F. The Form Inspector
G. Build A Simple Form
H. How Forms Really Work
I. Enhance A Form With A Table
J. Validate A Form

7. Create Frames

A. The Frames objects panel
B. The Frames Panel
C. The Frames Property Inspector
D. Build A Simple Frameset
E. Frame Content Controls
F. Link Frame Content to URLs
G. Set Frame Text
H. Create A Jump Menu
I. Nested Frames
J. Align Frame Backgrounds

8. Make & Manipulate Layers

A. The Draw Layer Command
B. Layers & Browser Compatibility
C. The Layers Panel
D. Layer Selection Methods
E. The Layers Property Inspector
F. CSS Versus Netscape Layers
G. Create A Layered Page
H. Layer Preferences
I. Build Nested Layers
J. The Convert Commands
K. The Tracing Image Commands

9. Build & Use Templates & Library Items

A. Template & Library Panels
B. Templates Versus Library Items
C. Create A New Template
D. Templates & Code View
E. Make A New Page From A Template
F. Attach A Template
G. Detach A Template
H. Make A Global Change
I. Create A Library Item
J. The Library Item Inspector
K. Update A Library Item
L. The Highlighting Preferences Window

10. Manage Your Site

A. The Site Window
B. The Site Map
C. Define A Site
D. The Assets Panel
E. Create A Design Note
F. The Check Target Browsers Command
G. The Change Link Sitewide Commands
H. The Check Links Commands
I. The Reports Command
J. Report Types

11. Add Animation

A. The Insert Rollover Image Command
B. Swap Image Behaviors
C. The Insert Flash Button Command
D. The Timelines Panel
E. Timelines & Dynamic HTML
F. Make A Timeline Animation
G. Make A Curved Path Animation
H. Copy A Layer Animation
I. Multiple Timelines Per Page

12. Add Interactivity

A. The Behaviors Panel
B. Behaviors & JavaScript
C. The JavaScript Debugger
D. The Check Browser Action
E. The Open Browser Window Action
F. Attach A Behavior To Text
G. The Popup Message Action
H. Let Users Drag Layers
I. Control Multimedia Content

13. Integrate Video & Sound (3-day course only)

A. The Plugin Property Inspector
B. Plugins & Navigator 4.75
C. The ActiveX Property Inspector
D. Add a Sound to a Page
E. Linking versus Embedding
F. The Parameters Dialog Box
G. Add a Video to a Page
H. Sound & Video File Formats
I. The View Plugins Command

14. Create & Apply Style Sheets

A. The Site Window
B. The Site Map
C. Define A Site
D. The Assets Panel
E. Create A Design Note
F. The Check Target Browsers Command
G. The Change Link Sitewide Commands
H. The Check Links Commands
I. The Reports Command
J. Report Types

15. Work with Other Programs (3-day course only)

A. The Insert Flash Movie Command
B. Flash File Types
C. The Flash Property Inspector
D. The Insert Shockwave Command
E. Download Shockwave & Flash Players
F. Add a Shockwave Design Note
G. The Insert Generator Command
H. Convert Excel Data to Tables
I. Connect to a Code Management System
J. External HTML Editors
K. Edit a Page in HomeSite
L. Code Rewriting Preferences

16. Personalize Dreamweaver (3-day course only)

A. The Preferences Command
B. Preferences, Code Format
C. Preferences, Code Colors
D. Preferences, Panels
E. Preferences, Site
F. Redesign the Objects Panel
G. The Configuration Folder
H. Text Configuration Files
I. The Keyboard Shortcuts Command
K. Record a Macro with the History Panel
L. The Edit Command List Command

17. Extend Dreamweaver (3-day course only)

A. The Extension Manager
B. Types of Extensions
C. Create an Object Extension
D. Download & Install an Extension
E. The Dreamweaver API
F. JavaScript & C
G. Third-Party Image Filters
H. The Instagraphics Extensions
I. The CourseBuilder Extension

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