MCSE Windows 2000

An Intensive Test-Prep Course for Microsoft Exam #70-210.
Course developer: Glenn Weadock, author of
MCSE Windows 2000 Professional For Dummies

For those seeking to gain the coveted Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) or Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) qualifications, this convenient 2-day course is hands-on (one PC per student) and covers all published exam objectives. Tuition includes workbook and CD.

1. Fundamentals of Windows 2000

A. Windows Operating Systems
B. What's New about 2000?
C. Understanding the Windows 2000 Architecture

2. Planning the File System

A. File System Choices
B. Focus on NTFS 5
C. Converting from One File System to Another

3. Installing Windows 2000 Professional

A. Installing Windows 2000 Interactively
B. Automating the Windows 2000 Installation
C. Installing Service Packs & Upgrade Packs

4. Configuring the User Environment

A. Language Support
B. Locales
C. Troubleshooting Languages & Locales
D. Accessibility
E. Control Panels & Management Consoles

5. Configuring Network Components & Protocols

A. Network Layers
B. Network Adapters
C. Network Protocols
D. Focus on TCP/IP
E. Secondary Network Protocols
F. Bindings

6. Installing & Configuring Disks, Tapes, & Printers

A. Hard Drives, Partitions, & Volumes
B. Optical Discs
C. Removable Media
D. Configuring Printing
E. Using a Printer

7. Installing & Configuring Displays & I/O Devices

A. Displays, Single & Multiple
B. Modems, Single Link & Multilink
C. I/O Hardware Configuration Tips
D. Multimedia Hardware

8. Mobile Computers & Power Management

A. Power Management
B. Infrared & Wireless Devices
C. Plug & Play and Mobile Computers
D. Hardware Profiles

9. Managing Local Users & Groups

A. Windows 2000 Networking Models
B. Creating Local Users
C. Groups in Windows 2000
D. Domain User Accounts
E. Auditing User Activities

10. Access Permissions

A. Access Permissions Overview
B. Shared Folder Permissions
C. NTFS Permissions
D. Permission Conflicts & Inheritance
E. Connecting to Shared Resources
F. Web Server Access Control
G. Local Group Policy
H. Working with Security Templates
I. Auditing Object Access

11. Intellimirror & Roaming Access

A. Registry 101
B. User Profiles
C. Offline Files & Folders
D. Windows Installer Service

12. Dial-Up Networking & Remote Access

A. Configuring for Remote Access
B. Network & Dial-Up Connections: First Principles
C. Anatomy of a Connection
D. Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
E. Creating Inbound Connections
F. Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

13. Performance Optimization

A. Monitoring Tools
B. Processor Tuning
C. Memory Tuning
D. Disk Tuning
E. Network Tuning
F. Application Tuning

14. Troubleshooting & Recovering Windows 2000 Systems

A. Installation Irritations
B. Boot Blunders
C. Windows 2000 Recovery Methods

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